In the the long-standing Matzo Ball Debate, some enjoy a firm Matzo Ball while others like it fluffy.

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This post explores the great Matzo Ball Debate and provides a full breakdown.

Overview of the Great Debate

Depending on the ingredients used in their preparation, Matzo Balls can either sink to the bottom of the bowl or float in the soup broth.

Sinkers are dense.

Floaters are light and airy.

Different strokes for different folks.

The following video by Los Angeles Jewish Home explores the most common preferences among veteran Matzo Ball Soup eaters.

How to Make Fluffy Matzo Balls

Making fluffy Matzo Balls is easy.

Recipes that call for a schtickle of club soda, seltzer water, egg whites and/or baking powder are likely to yield a final product that is fluffy and airy.

How to Make Firm Matzo Balls

Making firm Matzo Balls is also easy.

The key to perfection for an “al dente” texture that sinks to the bottom of the bowl is using plain old water (instead of club soda or baking soda).

Our list of the Best Matzo Ball Soup Recipes includes both firm and fluffy recipes.

In Conclusion

There are no “correct’ answers in the great Matzo Ball Debate. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. Some eaters like them firm and others like them fluffy.

We happen to love them all!

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