The following list of Matzo Ball Soup Recipes is great for cooking up a fresh pot of Matzo Ball Soup.

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Whether you’re preparing  Passover dinner, nursing a loved one back to health, or simply looking for a bit of a nosh.

Matzo Balls are soup dumplings comprised of matzah meal, eggs, water, fat (oil, margarine, or chicken fat) and are traditionally served in chicken soup. The following list includes some of the top Matzo Ball Soup-related recipes with instructions for how to make matzo balls in both written and audio form.

We’ve categorized the following recipes by fluffy, firm, and gluten-free.

Fluffy or Firm?

In a related post, we explore the Matzo Ball Debate. Using ingredients such as club soda, seltzer water, egg whites and/or baking powder are known to be effective in making fluffy floaters.

Depending on your preference, you’ll want to select the most appropriate recipe for your desired end result.

Matzo Ball Soup Recipes for Making “Firm Sinkers”

The following online recipes use ingredients that are likely to result in Matzo Balls with a firm and meaty texture.

Recipes for Making “Fluffy Floaters”

The following online recipes use ingredients like club soda, seltzer water, and baking powder that are likely to result in Matzo Balls with a light and airy texture.

Making Gluten Free

The following recipes include the use of gluten-free ingredients for Making Gluten Free Matzo Ball Soup.

Video Matzo Ball Soup Recipes

The following video recipes from YouTube offer a live walk-through with instructions and commentary.